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Baku & the Absheron Peninsula.

The Absheron Peninsula is one of the most storied and historical areas in all of Azerbaijan with its castles, fire temple in Surahani and historical importance to the oil industry. Besides its interesting history, the peninsula, known for its hot summers and warm winters, is a favored destination for beach lovers. Traveling to and from historical places of interest and the many beaches of the Absheron is easy as the infrastructure is developed in the region. The region touts a developed network of highways, numerous hotels, resorts of various categories, sandy beaches and the Heydar Aliyev International Airport which make it an optimum place for the reception of foreign visitors and for the relaxation of the citizens of Azerbaijan.

Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan.

Baku and the regions around Baku have been the site of continued inhabitation since the 2nd century B.C., while the first records of the existence of Baku is dated to the 8th century of our era. Up to the end of 19th century, Baku was a representative of a typical Eastern medieval city surrounded by strong fortifications and the possessing the scenic alleyways associated with the romanticism of the Mid East.
The rapid development of the petroleum industry made Baku, by the end of 19th century, a large industrial center with both classical, Eastern and other examples of unique architecture. The huge profits reaped by local and foreign industrialists from oil became the basis for the construction of many of the beautiful buildings still standing today, many unique in style. Today Baku continues to dynamically develop, possessing tremendous historical, cultural and scientific potential.

Sights of ancient and modern Baku.
(duration 4 hours)
The panorama that is the natural amphitheater of Baku, as seen from the heights overlooking the city, shows the amazing sweep of the metropolis, situated on the horseshoe of Baku Bay. Tours feature the center of this ancient city, with stops at the most interesting historical and architectural sites.
Price including transport:
For 1-4 persons – 180 AZN; 5-25 persons – 210 AZN; 25-45 persons – 270 AZN.

Old city (Icheri Sheher).
(duration 3 hours)
Icheri Sheher, the inner city, covers 22 hectares. And while this only makes up a small part of the total area of Baku (44,000 hectares), the concentration of architectural and historical monuments makes a separate excursion to this site a must. Maiden’s Tower, Synyk Gala Castle, Shirvanshah Palace, the Caravansary and the Juma Mosque are just a very short list of the beautiful buildings and historic monuments inside the Old City’s walls.
Price: 90 AZN.

Surahani and Atashkah fire worshippers temples.
(duration 3 hours)
The temple of the fire worshippers was built on a site where natural gas issued from the ground. In ancient times this temple had fire dramatically burning from spouts built into its structure. The temple, restored in the 18th century, has cells where pilgrims from all over the world spent the night. Today the site hosts a museum containing set of unique and original exhibits about the site.
For 1-4 persons - 180 AZN; 5-25 persons – 210 AZN; 25-45 persons – 270 AZN.

Gobustan Reserve petroglyphs.
(duration 5 hours)
Near Baku, in the Gobustan region, is a museum dedicated to preserving the heritage of an ancient people who made drawings on nearby rock outcroppings. The figures are dated to about 10,000 years. The pictures show not only how the people lived but also now-vanished animals.
Among the interesting exhibits is an inscription in Latin, telling the story of a Roman legion that was in Gobustan in the 1st century of our era written by the centurion of the legion.
For 1-4 persons - 180 AZN; 5-11 persons – 210 AZN; 12–25 persons – 230 AZN; 25-45 persons – 290 AZN.

Medieval fortresses and locks of the Absheron peninsula.
(duration of 5 hours)
Located in the villages of Romani, Mardakan and Nardaran in the greater Baku area, a handful of medieval fortresses and castles capture in stone the military traditions of the courageous inhabitants of the Absheron peninsula. In the summer, excursions to these sites can also take in the beaches of the Absheron.
For 1-4 persons - 180 AZN; 5-11 persons – 210 AZN; 12–25 persons – 230 AZN; 25-45 persons – 290 AZN.